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Effective boost of your business corporate processes

We increase your business performance by hiring high-level specialists, increasing work efficiency and focusing on goal setting.

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About Strageek

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Strageek is your business consultant.

Our concept is to hire senior specialists who will work for the growth of the business, handling the tasks at a top level. Hence, the main aim of Strageek agency is to realize projects by hiring high-level specialists to conduct specific tasks ideally and delivering the best result on time with high performance.

While working part-time but with high efficiency in the tasks, the employees will provide the customer with the desired outcome while receiving higher performance for a lower cost. That is how we envision perfect collaboration.

Let us take your business to a new level.

Our services

  • service 1


    We review existing business processes and consult you on specific issues of your business KPI struggles, assisting you in staff management and weekly checking up on the strategy implementation.

  • service 2

    Sales & marketing dep building

    We will repack your marketing and sales departments by teaching your staff, thus your sales department brings you more money due to the new client approach within a few first months.

  • service 3


    We review your business problems and come up with solutions. Our managers control part of your team, conduct a team audit and additionally find top market professionals for you, who will work less, but better thanks to their experience. That will save you 20-30% of the salary fund.

  • service 4

    Company dasboard

    A database of key company indicators to track the progress step-by-step will be created. We will also start the educational program for the efficiency boost of your marketing and sales departments: task management, customer, client, and partner approaches, internal communications, and training.

  • service 5

    Business optimization

    We conduct an audit of marketing and sales departments and draw up an optimization strategy, therefore - agreeing on goals and finding top specialists for your departments who will achieve your business goals faster. Our team offers package service: we repack and form a group, set goals, clarify your brand idea.

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You need us if

  • You are a B2B company, which is in need to level up departments' efficiency.
  • B2C brand, which needs education for their departments to stop losing 40% of clients every month.
  • Business owner who wants to expand the company, but the team is not efficient enough
  • Business founders who see the potential for growth and want to achieve maximum efficiency so as not to lose money
  • CEOs who are tired of explaining the same things to staff dozens of times
  • Business founders, who wish to delegate the department management and get top market specialists found and integrated for you
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We guarantee the result

  • result 1

    Weekly calls with the team

  • result 2

    Monthly reports for you

  • result 3

    We adapt to you and follow the agreed strategy

  • result 4

    You just check, no need to control or manage

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The Holistic Approach

There's no one-size-fits-all solution to developing a brand. Every business is different, that's why we offer a personalized roadmap to help you develop your brand with us.

We learn about you and your business goals, target audience, and what makes you unique. Then, we tailor a custom plan with specific steps to develop a brand that resonates with your audience.

  • P/1

    Brand audit

    • Complex Audit
    • Determining current numbers
    • Strategy review
    • Team review
    • Plan of actions
  • P/2

    Workflow setup

    • Build a Task Management system
    • Set routine and strategic tasks
    • Build your Team Dashboard
    • Set and control tasks
    • Adopt your team for the new calls
  • P/3


    • Assess results received from the optimization
    • Hire required A-class specialists
    • Implement simple reporting system
    • Set new goals and control their fulfilment
  • P/4


    • Analyze and determine what works best
    • Automate all possible processes
    • Optimize your team and reporting system
    • Build complex Dashboard that gives you real-time picture of the situation

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